A vinyl record gift for a couple who already live together

A vinyl record gift for a couple who already live together

Weddings are special occasions filled with love, emotions, and happiness. Giving gifts to the newlyweds is a tradition to show them how much you care for them. Usually, wedding gifts are given to help the couple start their new life together.

However, what happens when the couple already lives together and they have all they need? It can be daunting to think of the perfect wedding gift for them. Fear not. We've compiled a list of unique, practical, and romantic wedding gift ideas for couples already living together to impress the happy couple.

A personal touch with custom vinyl records

We may be biased, but we must mention one wedding gift idea - custom vinyl records. What better way to commemorate a special occasion than with a personalized vinyl record?

Imagine presenting a beautifully packaged vinyl record with a collection of their favorite wedding songs, with their names and wedding date printed on the label. It's a unique gift they can proudly display on their living room shelf or play on a cozy, romantic evening.

Creating custom vinyl records can also be fun. You can select the songs, add personalized messages, and choose the color and design of the vinyl record. It's a creative process that lets you put your personal touch on the wedding gift itself, which the couple will cherish for years.

So, choose a custom vinyl record from Print Your Vinyl if you want a unique, personalized, and meaningful wedding gift idea.

Custom vinyl records as a wedding gift

Romantic wedding gift ideas

1. Gift box

A gift box is a great idea for a thoughtful and romantic wedding gift for couples living together. Fill it with items that remind them of their wedding day, such as a bottle of wine from their wedding date, snacks, and other items you know the couple will enjoy. You can also include a personalized card to make a beautiful box more special.

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2. Wine glasses and a cheese board

Wine glasses and a cheese board are perfect wedding gifts for wine lovers. The couple can use these items to enjoy a romantic evening together or to entertain their friends and family.

Choose glasses that match their personality and style, and pair them with a beautiful cheese board.

3. Canvas print

A canvas print of the couple's wedding photo is the perfect gift idea for a wedding present and a wonderful gift they will cherish forever. This gift idea for canvas print is perfect if you know the couple's interior décor taste.

Choose a canvas print with a frame that matches their furniture, and they will proudly display it at home.

4. Wall art

Wall art is an ideal wedding gift for a couples wedding gift for a couple who already live together and love art. You can choose a piece of wall art that represents their taste and style and reminds them of their wedding day.

This a great wedding gift for a couple who already live together and will turn their house into a home, and they will proudly display it on their walls.

5. Date night ideas

Give the couple a few wedding gift ideas they can use throughout their married life and date night gift ideas for couples. Create a jar with gift ideas for couples they can pick out on date nights.

Ideas for weddings for couples already together could include a home-cooked meal, movie, or game night. This gift is a constant reminder to spend time together to cherish their love and marriage.

Practical wedding gift ideas

Wedding gift ideas for happy couples

1. Ultra fancy smoking cloche

An ultra-fancy smoking cloche is an excellent gift idea for food enthusiasts. This kitchen gadget uses smoke, adding more intense flavor to any meal.

The couple can use it to create a unique, delicious meal and enjoy it together at their dining table.

2. Glass bottles for homemade sauces

Glass bottles for homemade sauces are a practical yet thoughtful wedding gift. The couple can make sauces with a unique twist and store them in beautiful glass bottles.

Not only is this great gift very practical, but it also adds a personal touch to their home-cooked meals and memorable occasion.

3. Electric smoking gun

An electric smoking gun is another great gift idea for food lovers. This gadget adds a more intense and smoky flavor to food, transforming ordinary dishes into restaurant-quality ones.

It's perfect for hosting dinner parties at home or simply enjoying a meal in the outdoor space.

4. Bottle opener

A bottle opener is a practical and thoughtful gift that most couples will appreciate. Choose a unique, hand-crafted bottle opener that they can proudly display in their home bar.

This gift is simple but significant, providing the couple with a useful tool they will enjoy using for years.

5. Rain Boots

Rain boots might not sound like a practical gift, but they are ideal for a couple who loves spending time outdoors.

Choose a beautiful pair of rain boots to keep their feet dry and comfortable while making them look stylish. They can take romantic walks while protected from the rain.

Unique wedding gift ideas

Wedding gift ideas list

1. Cheese-making kit

A cheese-making kit is a unique wedding gift for couples who enjoy cooking and creating. The kit includes all the necessary tools and ingredients for the couple to make their cheese at home.

It's a unique wedding experience they can share and impress their friends with homemade cheese.

2. 'Mr. and Mrs.' material possessions

' Mr. and Mrs.' material possessions are ideal wedding gifts for couples who want to show off their partnership.

Several options for wedding gifts for couples include luggage tags, coffee mugs, t-shirts, and pillows. Mrs. These best wedding gifts for couples are simple yet sweet, reminding them of their daily partnership.

3. Luxuriously fluffy towels and bathrobes

Luxuriously fluffy towels and bathrobes are the ultimate luxury gifts the married couple can indulge in. Choose high-quality, soft material that feels luxurious against the skin.

They can use these luxuriously fluffy feel towels and bathrobes to wrap themselves in comfort and relaxation, an excellent way to enjoy their married life.

4. Personalized cutting board

A personalized cutting or home bar or board is a unique and meaningful gift that the couple will love.

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You can engrave their family name on the cutting board, making it a thoughtful and special gift they proudly display in their home bar or kitchen.

5. Outdoor games

Outdoor games such as cornhole, ladder toss, or giant Jenga are fun and unique wedding and gift ideas for couples. The couple can use them during outdoor gatherings, summer barbeques, or a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Outdoor games are a playful way to spend time together and make memories outdoors.

Best wedding gift ideas

Wedding gift ideas for people who have everything

1. Memory Lane photobook

A Memory Lane photobook is a thoughtful and creative wedding gift idea that the couple will love. You can design a photo book that showcases their relationship, trips they've taken together, and memories from their wedding day.

It's a great last gift idea for couples that take them down memory lane, reminding them of all the wonderful times they've shared.

2. Luxury picnic basket

A luxury picnic basket is an excellent gift for couples to enjoy together during outdoor adventures. The basket should include high-quality items such as a picnic blanket, wine glasses, cheese board, and utensils.

It's a perfect gift for couples who love spending time in nature, and it's a way to elevate their outdoor dining experience.

3. A year of date nights

A year of date nights is a fantastic gift idea that the couple will appreciate. Create twelve gift ideas for a couple already in a gift box filled with twelve envelopes, each containing a unique date-night idea for each month of the year.

These twelve gift ideas for a married couple are an excellent way to remind them to spend time together and have fun.

4. Ultra fancy bedding

Ultra-fancy bedding is the ultimate luxury gift that the couple will appreciate. Choose high-quality, silky soft sheets, and pair them with fluffy, luxurious pillows and comforters.

No matter how long they've been together, everyone loves sliding into a bed with perfect bedding.

5. Uncommon goods gift list

Uncommon Goods gift list is a creative and unique wedding gift idea. Uncommon Good is a platform with luxury wedding gifts and various unique gifts. They specialize in items that are not generally found in most stores. Find an unusual item on the site that fits the couple's personality and style, and gift them unique wedding and gift ideas for couples that they will cherish.

Wedding gift ideas list for 2023


Finding the perfect wedding gift for a couple who already live together may feel challenging, but it can be a fun and exciting process with the right idea. Select a thoughtful, practical, or unique wedding gift that fits the couple's personality and style.

Remember, the best wedding gifts for couples are the ones that come from the heart and offer a constant reminder of your love and support. With this list, we hope you found inspiration for the perfect wedding gift for the happy couple.

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